Sri Sathya Sai Reprograming Lives

SSSRPL(Sri Sathya Sai Re-Programming Lives) is a unique program, helping students out of college to learn the skill set that required by the corporates and makes all un employed youth to be employable and makes their professional life more successful and lead value based life.

SSSRPL is a program aimed at educating and equipping the job seeking youth with desired employable skills. Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba guided Sai Youth to go and share the required knowledge to the desired youth in rural areas. This program fosters to the needs of industry and course curriculum will be designed by industry experts which acts as a bridge to fill the skill gap in the desired industry for which the program has been launched for

The course duration lasts from 60 days – 100 days depending on the area it is focussed. SME’s from industry come forward to teach the next generation of our nation with lot of passion and dedication.

Below are few areas where sessions were conducted till date:

  • 1. Soft Skills
  • 2. Communication Skills
  • 3. Analytical Skills in areas of Finance & Banking
  • 4. Software based technical skills
  • 5. The vision is to expand beyond horizons and reach as many people as possible to provide skills that make them employable.